Normal tourists don’t stop in between places. We do!

Also available in Romanian and French.

“It’s very brave of you to start a world bike tour! Can you tell us a few words about your route? How many months have you been on the road?”

“The route is the following: France-Germany-Czech Republic-Austria-Slovakia-Hungary-Romania-Bulgaria-Turkey-Georgia-Armenia-Iran-Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan-India (by plane)-Thailand (by plane)-Laos-Cambodia-Vietnam-China-Canada (by plane). Then to USA (Miami) and, if everything works well, South America. The route is far from being completed, yet it should start with Lima (Peru). We left about one year and a half ago, on 1 March 2010. We will return to France in 2012.”

“I can’t help asking you a question about my country. Did the Romanians welcome you?”

“They gave us a VERY warm welcome! It was absolutely great, especially after our rather unpleasant experience with Hungary. In fact, Romania was the first country where we promised ourselves we would come back! Unfortunately, we didn’t stay for long as we had an appointment in Istanbul.”

“Tell me, what did you like best in your journey so far?”

“We experienced many moments of joy… To mention but a few: an invitation to spend the night in someone’s house in Romania, the arrival in Istanbul or Samarkand, the night spent in a tent at the foot of Mount Ararat in Armenia or in the Desert of Iran, the Taj Mahal, the manner in which the Hmong people received us in Laos, the coffee with ice cream we had in Southern Vietnam, the terraced rice fields in Dahzai (China), the temples in Angkor, the Great Wall and the Forbidden City in Beijing…  And I’m quite sure I overlooked many other great moments!”

“Why a world bike tour?”

“It was a dream… We read the same stories about cycling around the world when we were teenagers, we talked the matter over when we met… We got married and this trip turned out to be our honeymoon voyage! Travelling by bike is a great opportunity to meet new people and see the road ahead of you. Normal tourists don’t stop in between places. We do!”

“What are your future plans after completing this unusual journey?”

“Very simple things. A house, children, a garden to plant vegetables, a cat! We want our life as a couple to be enriched by the things we’ve seen and heard. We don’t intend to return to our former day-to-day life as if this voyage was only a break. It must be a new beginning for us.”

Romanian and French versions by Alina Danciu.


Lorena este absolventă de filologie şi lucrează ca traducător. Călătoreşte pentru că îi place să descopere locuri, să cunoască oameni şi să experimenteze lucruri noi. Pentru ea călătoria este o sursă nepreţuită de cunoaştere şi se bucură să îşi împărtăşească impresiile de drum cu alţi călători din lumea mare.