City break in Sibiu

For the Romanian version, click here. Translated by: Lorena Drăghici I can’t even remember how many times I said to myself “I’ve got nothing to do this weekend, how about going to Sibiu?”. And I have never got bored there. I’ve no idea how many times I’ve visited Sibiu so far, but I surely know I’ve been there plenty of times! What on Earth have I done in that city so many times? Well, let me explain! But before that, let me add something: in the past years, every time I went to Sibiu, I stayed at Dodo, my best friend, a small girl with a heart as big as China. This means that I’m not quite used to finding accommodation in Sibiu. Instead, I sleep in a comfy bed and eat tasty food just like my mother’s (meatballs, delicious and unhealthy dishes, brandy and preserved fruit and vegetables from jars prepared by skilful and loving hands). If you don’t have a Dodo in your life when you go to Sibiu, well, I’m very sorry, but this won’t make me sha...

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Ina a absolvit psihologia şi după un parcurs profesional în câteva multinaţionale, a ales să-şi asorteze studiile cu munca absolvind astfel şi un master în comunicare. De călătorit e îndrăgostită de când era copil, de aceea a decis să împărtăşească impresii din incursiunile sale.