Story from Burma

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At the moment of writing this post, I was in a guest house, in a small town called Hpa-An in Burma (Myanmar).

The room we rented for 14$ is very small; there are two beds and one desk, one fan and linoleum on the floor. There is no electricity in the city, but luckily our guest house has its own generator, so we have light and the fan is working. Both of them highly needed, since it is 7 pm and probably still 35 degrees outside and humid. One hour ago, when there was still daylight, I went quickly to take a shower so that I can do this without using my head lamp. The shower/toilette is probably the most disgusting place where I have ever washed my body. I did my best not to touch anything around, just the water, and I constantly had to remind myself not to open my mouth during the sho...

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