The prince and the pauper on the streets of Brasov

They say that the city under Tampa is one of the most beautiful places in Romania. I don't know if it's true or not, because I haven't seen this entire country yet. But I do know that Brasov is indeed special through its sights and through its troubled history.

Just as in any other touristic city, restaurants, terraces and shops are at every pace. Each one of the numerous museums, citadels and churches require an entrance fee. These can add up to a consistent sum. Thankfully, recreation possibilities are available for the ones that came here to consume, as well as for the low budget tourists. That is why I find it fair to present Brasov in an equal manner for the “princes” and for the “paupers” (just as I am at most times).  There is one important aspect that must not be forgotten. This is that the famous places aren't necessarily the only ones worth seeing. There are hidden, mysterious, old places that will offer you...

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Urmărindu-și una dintre pasiuni, Octavia a hotarât să studieze literatura. O altă pasiune, precum și mare iubire, este muntele. De aceea Octavia vrea să ajungă în cele mai îndepărtate si ascunse colțuri ale naturii. Pentru ea, fiecare călătorie făcută este o aventură plină de emoții și impresii puternice ce trebuie împărtășite cu oricine dorește să asculte.